"The Clark Kent of Metal"
Lead Vocals and lead Guitar

Entertaining since the age of 8, Trevor has spent his entire life on stage.  Trevor started playing the guitar and singing at an early age and is a self taught musician.  Trevor has performed in various bands and groups including KILJIN,  KISSTER(KISS Tribute), KNOWN FELONS and more. 
Trevor loves writing and creating music. 
Trevor is one of the Co-Founders of KILJIN. 

Trevor is a HYPER and ENERGETIC Front-man and is very entertaining to watch.
Trevor is known as the "Clark Kent of Metal" because when off stage, Trevor wears black frame glasses that may throw you off, but when the glasses come off, WATCH OUT because that's when he's about to get CRAZY HYPER with his SUPERMETAL!  

FUN FACT: Trevor used to work Both as a Stage and Close-Up Magician!

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"The Wall"
Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals

Tony will make the walls rattle with the thunderous roar of his bass guitar. 
Tony AKA "THE WALL" has been playing Bass Guitar and performing on stage for over a decade. 
Tony is Co-Founder of KILJIN as well as many other groups.  Tony is an acomplished bassist and has been making the earth rumble with his roaring riffs all over the state.  Tony has performed in multiple bands including KILJIN, KNOWN FELONS, KISSTER(KISS Tribute) and many others.  Tony is fun and entertaining to watch on stage and you will feel every note of his monster bass in your heart!  Dont' let his monster frame and attitude throw you because Tony has alot of heart and will give you the shirt off his back and throw in the buttons too and will still finish out the show afterwards!    

FUN FACT:  Tony is the Father of Trevor and Bryant and Tony is also an artist.

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"The Genius"
Drums and Backing Vocals

Bryant, or otherwise known as
"THE "GENIUS" of  the Drums, has been entertaining since the age of 5.  Bryant is the Brother of Trevor and also Co-Founder of KILJIN. 
Bryant has been shining in the limelight all his life.  Bryant has performed in multiple bands including KILJIN, KNOWN FELONS, KISSTER(KISS Tribute) and many others. Bryant has spent most of his entire life sitting on his Drum God Throne and performing at 100s of venues around the state. 
Bryant started playing the Drums at a young age and is a self taught musician.  

Bryant is a fix-it-all and is also known as the Mcguyver of the band.

FUN FACT: Braynt got his first Drum Set at the age of 5 and The drums did not come with symbols, so Bryant used metal pots and pans.  

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Rhythm Guitar

Scott is a free spirit that rocks with a vengeance.  Keeping to his true rockin' self, Scott spends his days rockin' out on stage performing at various venues around the state.   
Music is top in Scott's life and he wouldnt give it up for anything! 
Scott is also known as, "TRIPPER" because of his wandering un-trainable mind. 
Scott has been performing and entertaining since the age of 11 and has no plans on stopping. 
Scott has also performed in other bands and groups including KILJIN, KNOWN FELONS, KISSTER(KISS Tribute) and others. 

FUN FACT: Scott met Trevor and Bryant in the 5th grade and they have been performing together ever since.    

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