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KILJIN is an American heavy metal band. The band was formed in 2020 in Alma, MI by vocalist and lead guitarist Trevor Aumaugher, drummer Bry Aumaugher, and bassist Tony Aumaugher.  Kiljin has been based in Michigan for most of its career. The band's heavy and fast tempos, instrumentals, and progressive musicianship makes them one of the top bands in Michigan and the Nation.  Kiljin's current lineup comprises of founding members and primary songwriters Trevor, Bry and Tony, as well as long time rhythm guitarist Jeremy Keeler.   KILJIN gained a fast following after the release of their debut album, Master of Illusion which was called best metal album of the year by TuneLoud Magazine and Radio.  Since then, the band has released 2 other studio albums and various singles. 
KILJIN still continues to tour and release new music and videos.

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Band Members

Title Description
Trevor Aumaugher Lead vocals and lead guitar... View Profile
Bryant Aumaugher Drums, percussion, back-up vocals... View Profile
Tony Aumaugher Bass guitar and back-up vocals... View Profile
Jeremy Keeler Rhythm guitar and back-up vocals... View Profile